Did you know that a chatbot allows businesses to save up to 40% of customer service costs? When these self-care solutions are efficiently designed and optimized over time, the gains for your customer service become real. For your Internet users, this customer relationship tool is also a relief that greatly improves autonomy.

But before achieving this, you must also avoid errors in the design, management, and optimization of your chatbot. So what are the six unforgivable mistakes that scare off your customers and prospects? The Smart Tribune team answers you.

Deploy a chatbot without an upstream strategy

Does your brand want to set up a conversational chatbot

For a concept that we hear so much about, artificial intelligence remains rather poorly understood by many people. So let us take the time to demystify it.

What is artificial intelligence?

We hear so much about a concept that artificial intelligence remains relatively poorly understood by many people. So let’s take the time to demystify it. The idea of ​​artificial intelligence was first presented in 1956 by a team of American scientists during the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence [ Wikipedia ]. Two main themes emerged from this presentation:

  1. It is quickly theorized that computers might one day think autonomously, just like…

For those that are just starting their journey into machine learning, it can seem like a daunting task to learn about all the models and the differences between them. After we learn how a model works and how to utilize it, we will need to step into the real world and implement what we have learned to real world problems. With real world problems we are not given a specific model to tune. We have to evaluate a bunch of models and then decide which model we want to use.

We have a problem:

When we start to think about…

Ruchir Kakkad

Ruchir Kakakd is a Co-founder of WebOccult Technologies. He has extensive 10+ years of diversified experience in the area of Innovation & Transformation.

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